The importance of vaginal probiotics for adolescents

Adolescent girls are often prone to the onset of vulvovaginitis, which is bacterial in nature and also the most common gynecological disease at this age. This is due to improper hygiene and anatomical proximity to urogenital organs and rectum. At prepubertal age, genital candidiasis occurs after antibiotic administration.

Vulvovaginitis in adolescent girls

Vulvovaginitis is considered to be one of the most common gynecological problems in adolescent girls. Vulvovaginitis or inflammation of the genitals is most commonly caused by vaginal infection. Vulvovaginitis can sometimes be the result of an allergic reaction to chemicals. Symptoms that indicate vulvovaginitis in girls include vaginal discharge, itching, redness and irritation. Vulvovaginitis in girls is most often caused by lack of hygiene (Inadequate wiping, synthetic underwear, baths, perfumed soaps, tight clothing), but can also occur as part of a bacterial vaginal infection.

What are the symptoms of vulvovaginitis?

Symptoms that indicate vulvovaginitis are redness, itching, tingling, the presence of whitish deposits (scars) on the vulva in young children, vaginal discharge, open wounds, difficult and painful urination.

Can a vaginal infection spread to other body parts?

Tingling when urinating or painful urination is the first sign that a vaginal infection has spread to the urinary tract. If you also have an extremely high temperature accompanied by shivering, the kidneys are probably also affected by the infection.

How to recognize a bladder and kidney infection?

Fever is the first sign of the spread of a vaginal infection to the urinary tract. If the temperature is extremely high and accompanied by shivering, the kidneys may also be affected by the infection.

How is Vulvovaginitis treated?

If vulvovaginitis is detected, a doctor’s visit is mandatory. During the period when vulvovaginitis is detected until the time of treatment with the doctor, it is best to leave all preparations and creams so that the vaginal infection does not spread and worsen further. The doctor will prescribe therapy. The treatment of vulvovaginitis in girls prior to puberty is individual. Hygienic measures and protective creams should be used to treat vulvovaginitis that is not caused by a specific microorganism and tight clothing and other irritants should be avoided.

First aid in the fight against vulvovaginitis

Genital wash with lukewarm water and a mild bath with a neutral pH, not soap, several times a day. Be sure to wipe a soft cotton cloth. Vaginal probiotics in the prevention and treatment of vulvovaginitis Since vaginal administration of the drug is not possible in girls and young girls, infections are treated with antibiotics and antifungal creams. In addition, the use of a vaginal probiotic such as FemmaBiotic is of particular importance because, in addition to regenerating the vaginal flora, it restores the intestinal and flora of the urinary tract.

What is a vaginal probiotic?

Vaginal probiotics are living microorganisms that, when used in an adequate amount, have beneficial effects on a girl’s health and are used to prevent the onset and recurrence of vaginal infections. Vaginal probiotics help restore the vaginal flora. The use of probiotics has a positive effect on human health and enhances immunity. Thus, if the digestive system is healthy, the whole body will be healthy. Improving intestinal immunity raises systemic immunity and therefore the role of probiotics is very important for enhancing immunity, both locally and systemically.

Why FemmaBiotic is the best vaginal probiotic?

FemmaBiotic restores the vagina flora, increases the number of lactobacilli, regulates The vagina PH and prevents the creation of vaginal and urinary infections. Taking FemmaBiotic immediately after antibiotic therapy is the ideal solution because it restores the vaginal flora and prevents re-infection.

Who is FemmaBiotic intended for?

FemmaBiotic can be consumed by girls older than 2 years, adolescents, as well as women of all ages.

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