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Since the results of your swabs are regular, and due to the presence of heavy discharge, we recommend that you take FemmaBiotic for a period of 30 days. If there is still discharge from the vagina after the end of the treatment, we recommend gynecological check-up. You can use FemmaBiotic during menstruation too, this is one of the advantages of this product compared to other probiotics that are applied vaginally.
During the menopause, due to the reduced production of female sex hormones (especially estrogen), vaginal dryness and imbalance of the vaginal flora occur, which makes your body more susceptible to the development of vaginal infections. By using only herbal preparations, you regenerate the vaginal mucosa and moisturize it, but you do not compensate for the number of lactobacilli and you do not renew the vaginal flora, which leads to repeated infections. FemmaBiotic contains lactobacilli, which have a synergistic positive effect on the vaginal flora: it increases the number of lactobacilli, regulates vaginal pH and prevents the occurrence of vaginal infections. You can use herbal preparations and FemmaBiotic together, because one product does not exclude the use of another. In this case, FemmaBiotic should be taken once a day for a period of 20 days to 3 months. You can repeat the use of FemmaBiotic several times a year.
Dear, since you have been confirmed with a recurrent urinary infection caused by Escherichia coli, we recommend the use of FemmaBiotic, with antibiotic therapy prescribed by your doctor, for up to 3 months. Due to its unique composition, FemmaBiotic, unlike other probiotics, has a threefold effect: it balances the vaginal flora and prevents vaginal infections; has a positive effect on the urinary tract and prevents the occurrence of chronic and recurrent urinary infections; maintains the balance of the intestinal flora.
Antibiotics and antimycotics are recommended in the treatment of vaginal infections. It is important that they destroy pathogens but do not affect the increase in lactobacilli in the vagina. Therefore, an infection may recur after some time. In order to prevent recurrence of the infection, it is necessary to compensate for lactobacilli with a vaginal probiotic – FemmaBiotic.
Grayish discharge and unpleasant smell of rotten fish indicate bacterial vaginosis, which can be very persistent, with frequent recurrences of infection. Antibiotics destroy pathogenic (harmful) bacteria that cause infection, but also “good” bacteria normally present in the vaginal flora. Therefore, after some time, the infection reoccurs. The use of vaginal probiotics after antibiotic treatment is necessary in order to renew the vaginal flora and prevent re-infection. It is recommended to take FemmaBiotic for a period of 20 days to 3 months, one capsule daily. It can also be taken with antibiotic treatment, with an interval of 2 hours from taking antibiotics.
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