My Labor And Delivery Experience

The birth of a baby is the happiest moment in every woman’s life, even though women are sometimes terrified of it. But it is understandable in some ways. Childbirth has always been a female topic. Women shared their experiences with each other, whether they were hard or easy to handle, so it is very possible that fear was born in that way in other girls. But that shouldn’t be the case. This experience is very individual. Each woman’s pain tolerance is different and each woman has another way of experiencing birth. It’s important to be optimistic, cheerful and everything will be fine. We are sharing with you birth experience of our patient Ivana, who decided to give birth naturally.

Ivana, what’s your childbirth experience?

the most beautiful thing in the world. I believe that every woman should experience pregnancy and childbirth. My birth experience was very positive. My delivery was five days after my due date. The night before I gave birth, I walked a lot with my husband. During the walk, I noticed that my moves were difficult and that my stomach felt heavy. When we arrived home, the contractions started. 60 seconds per 5 minutes. The pain was like the worst menstrual pain. I knew I would give birth soon. I started to prepare slowly. I took a shower and packed all my things. Six hours after the contractions started, my water broke. After that, we went to the hospital.

Did you take childbirth classes?

I attended online childbirth classes, and I am very satisfied. They taught us everything we needed to know to be fully prepared for childbirth and life with a baby. As a true nerd, I wrote down and learned everything to be fully prepared for childbirth. In online childbirth classes we learned: how to time contractions; when it is time to go to the hospital; what to pack in the hospital bag; breathing techniques; stretching exercises; how to breastfeed, etc. What did u pack in your hospital bag? The most important things to take with you to the hospital are: health card; ID card; blood type and the most recent blood picture report; all files and documents; postpartum maxi pads; mesh underwear; pajamas; slippers (one for showering one for the room); towels; toiletries; povidone-iodine foam for washing wound; octenisept toilet bowl liners; bed mats;

What did your preparation for childbirth look like?

Before I got pregnant, I had a lot of vaginal infections. Even at the beginning of my pregnancy, I had a yeast infection. Following the infection, I took every precaution to ensure the well-being of my pregnancy. More serious plans have begun in the last three months of my pregnancy. I didn’t want to risk getting a vaginal infection again during this time and passing it on to my baby. As a result, by my gynecologist’s advice, I began taking the vaginal probiotic FemmaBiotic 3 months before the birth to brace for the birth. FemmaBiotic is a vaginal probiotic that improves immunity, preserves balanced vaginal flora, and prevents bacteria from developing. Most importantly, it is formulated and adapted for pregnant women, and it is absolutely safe to consume during pregnancy. I didn’t have vaginal infections before or after the birth, and all went perfectly.

What did your birth look like?

When we arrived at the hospital and passed the admission, I went to change and return all the clothes that I had with me to my husband because I couldn’t keep them. Then, I went to the enema room. The enema wasn’t painful; I just walked around for a few minutes to increase the effectiveness of the enema, then I went to the bathroom and took a shower. Then I went to the hospital room. They hooked me up for induction so that I could open up quicker. The opening and the entire time in the hospital room were more painful than the birth itself while the baby was coming out. But this is normal because induction contractions hurt much more than ordinary natural contractions. It was incredibly painful, but I managed to gather the strength. I was eventually moved to the labor and delivery room. Delivery passed so quickly. I just had to push twice before the baby was born. After the baby is born, the pain disappears, and then came the most beautiful and happy experience of my life: I saw my baby. When they gave me my baby, I was filled with happiness and love. Soon after, baby and I were taken to a room.

What does postpartum recovery look like?

After two days, I left the hospital. There were no complications or pain. All happened in a blur. I slept, was cautious, and avoided abrupt and repeated movements as well as a vigorous activity for 6 weeks after giving birth. It took some time for all of the organs to return to their original positions and shapes. Now I can do it all over again.

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