My experience with FemmaBiotic: How to recognize and treat a vaginal infection

Women in the reproductive period are much more prone to the development of vaginal infections due to an active sexual life and regular menstruation. During menstruation, due to hormonal changes, the pH of the vaginal flora is disrupted, which contributes to infection after the period ends. Many women inevitably get vaginal infections after the period endsand even 40% of them have problems with recurrent vaginal infections. We are sharing with you the experience with FemmaBiotic of our patient Jelena, who, in agreement with her gynecologist, decided to consume it in order to prevent persistent bacterial vaginosis that returns every month after her period ends.

Jelena what is your experience with vaginal infections?

I got my first vaginal infection when I was 25 years old. I didn’t even know that I had a vaginal infection. During the sex, I felt intense pain and I started to research on the web what it was about. Based on the information I found, I began to suspect that it was a vaginal infection. The discharge was different, but I thought it was normal because of the stressful period I went through. I thought it would last a couple of days and it would stop, but it didn’t happen. After a few days, I got my period. I thought the condition would improve after my period ends, but it didn’t. It just got worse. My underwear was constantly messy and had a fishy smell.

How did you treat your vaginal infection?

I decided to go to the gynecologist. That’s the safest way. A positive smear test confirmed my guesses and we diagnosed bacterial vaginosis (BV). My gynecologist recommended antibiotics for seven days. After seven days, my condition improved significantly. The pain and the unpleasant smell disappeared, and my underwear was tidy again, but only until the next period ended!

What happened after the next period ended?

After the next period ended, my underwear was the same as before. It was constantly mossy and had an unpleasant smell. The smell was so unpleasant that I constantly felt it and thought that everyone around me could feel it. I didn’t know why BV came back. When I went to the gynecologist again, he told me to take antibiotics again. In the following period, the situation was repeated every month after my period ended. I didn’t know what else to do. I wasn’t ready to talk about this problem with my mother and friends because I was embarrassed and thought it was just happening to me.

How did you deal with BV?

After persistent recurrences of BV, I decided to talk with my friend. She told me that she also went through it and that her gynecologist helped her. I decided to go to her gynecologist and try to solve the problem. I couldn’t take it anymore. When such things happen to you, you cannot be successful in other areas of life. You would do anything to get rid of it. Her gynecologist explained to me the causes of my BV. The female genitalia is very tender and sensitive and we can get a vaginal infection very easily. We have to be careful what underwear we wear, what pads and gels we use. But what meant the most to me was that he recommended the consumption of a vaginal probiotic – FemmaBiotic. He explained to me that antibiotics can help, but that they also destroy good bacteria along with bad ones. Therefore, the consumption of a vaginal probiotic is mandatory with the consumption of antibiotics in order to compensate for the good bacteria that disappeared together with the bad bacteria after consuming the antibiotics.

What is your experience with FemmaBiotic in the fight against vaginal infection?

I drank one capsule of FemmaBiotic every day for 3 months. BV has disappeared. Now, during my period and a few days after, I always take FemmaBiotic preventively every month in order to keep my vaginal flora healthy and to prevent the recurrence of vaginal infection. What other habits have helped you in the fight with vaginal infections? Besides regular consumption of FemmaBiotic I started to wear only cotton underwear.It allows my body to breathe. I also regularly record and track my menstrual cycle and I know how my discharge should look like every week. We have to be careful and track our body.Only in that case will we know when and how to react. I also changed the intimate hygiene gel.Girls often go for perfume scents thinking that it will not harm them, and very often the gels themselves can cause infections if they are too strong and perfumed.