My experience with FemmaBiotic: How I got rid of Escherichia Coli and persistent urinary tract infection

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are serious health conditions and are the most common infections. Urinary tract infections are often persistent, recurrent, and long-lasting. A weak immune system, the presence of E. coli, and a low number of “good” bacteria increase the risk of persistent and recurrent urinary tract infections. About 75% to 95% of UTIs are caused by E. coli. UTIs can be very unpleasant and they can reoccur many times during the year in a certain number of cases. FemmaBiotic helps in the treatment and prevention of UTIs, including acute, chronic, and recurring infections. We are sharing with you the experience with FemmaBiotic of our patient Anja, who started consuming it in order to stop persistent and recurrent UTIs and E. coli.

Anja, what is your experience with E. coli and persistent urinary tract infection?

got E. coli as a result of a weak immune system. E. coli bacteria normally live in our intestines and contribute to the protection of our digestive tract; however, when our immune system is weak, the amount of this type of bacteria increases dramatically, causing a problem. This happened to me. I couldn’t get rid of her for 6 months. E. coli is a difficult type of bacteria to eliminate. Proper therapy is crucial for recovery.

What were your initial UTI and E. coli symptoms?

I had a frequent need to pee. I had burning urination and my urine was foul-smelling and cloudy. When I went to the gynecologist, we identified Escherichia coli in a vaginal swab.

How did you get rid of E. coli and UTI?

E. coli was gone after the first antibiotic treatment, but she reappeared after just a few days. And so for the next 5 months. She kept returning after every antibiotic therapy. I didn’t know what else to do. I tried everything. I drank a lot of fluids, Cranberry tea, Uvin tea, but nothing gave lasting results. All seemed to be fleeting. E. coli clung to the bladder wall and refusing to leave.

What is your experience with FemmaBiotic in a fight against E. coli and persistent UTI?

After a difficult five months, I decided to change something. I couldn’t take it any longer. Since I realized that my urinary tract infection was caused by a lack of immunity, I decided to change my diet radically. Improper diet, carbonated drinks, and sweets increase the organism’s acidity and E. coli is a type of bacteria that likes an acidic environment. I went to the pharmacy to look for a probiotic that could help me to boost my immunity. The pharmacist suggested me FemmaBiotic. She told me that FemmaBiotic is one of the best-selling vaginal probiotics and that both girls and women buy it regularly. She is even a consumer, and she is very happy with the performance. With a complete change of diet, proper food, regular antibiotic therapy, and consumption of the vaginal probiotic FemmaBiotic as well – E. coli disappeared. FemmaBiotic helped me to increase the number of good bacteria that disappeared after antibiotic therapy and helped me to boost my immune system and prevent the recurrence of urinary tract infection. The use of this probiotic had a positive effect on my health and on boosting my immunity. FemmaBiotic regenerated my gastrointestinal tract and helped me to get rid of E. coli and persistent urinary tract infections.

Did E. coli return after a certain period?

I continued to drink FemamBiotic after the urinary tract infection. I take it for 10-20 days, then take a month or two off and repeat. The UTI did not reoccur. It is important to me that FemmaBiotic is safe; there are no side effects, and it can be used by both girls and pregnant women. Find out how to have a healthy and carefree pregnancy here.

The use of vaginal probiotics in order to boost immunity

The balance of good bacteria determines the complete health of the organism, and the imbalance leads to immunity decline and disease. The role of probiotics in strengthening immunity, both local and systemic, is crucial, since improving intestinal immunity improves systemic immunity. FemmaBiotic restores and maintains a healthy intestinal flora, restores normal vaginal flora, and prevents the occurrence of urinary and vaginal infections. FemmaBiotic contains a concentration of seven billion lactobacilli in only one capsule. The daily dose of vaginal probiotic FemmaBiotic (one capsule per day) greatly raises the number of lactobacilli, keeps the vaginal flora healthy, and prevents the development of vaginal infections.