Why FemmaBiotic?

FemmaBiotic, an innovative vaginal probiotic developed in collaboration with leading Swiss and European health product manufacturers, is the result of many years of work of a large number of experts who aimed to provide an innovative product with scientifically proven and clinically confirmed effects. Highly focused on quality and origin of each substance, FemmaBiotic is specially formulated and adapted to women of all ages from these regions.
Normal vaginal flora is of great importance for women’s complete health and represents a natural protection from vaginal infections. Vaginal flora consists of “good” bacteria – lactobacilli, which prevent the growth and reproduction of microorganisms and in that way prevent the occurrence of vaginal infections.
FemmaBiotic affects vaginal flora by:

The key to good intimate health

Triple effect

Key benefits and features:

How to use

Recommendation to women of all ages

The key to good intimate health